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Tame Your Air Conditioner


The summers are here with a bang. Feelthe sun shining on your head yet? Well, I sure sweat my socks off.

The summers are here with a bang. Feel the sun shining on your head yet? Well,Guest Posting I sure sweat my socks off. It is unbearably hot these days. The ice cubes melt in your mouth. Swimming spots have become too humid and sweaty icky to spend time there. So the only thing that can cool you off would be the one and only “Air Conditioner”, the ancient freezing box of good times. What is that you say? You think you can hear some weird freaky noises coming out of it? Well then you need to go to air conditioning repairing services. You will most probably take your air conditioner to a professional repairer or you may opt to become air conditioning repairing service yourself. This will be better in a way because you won’t have to keep tabs on the workers and keep popping in and out of the shop to check on your air conditioner. It is a tedious task, getting somebody to do some work for you on time. there is also always a danger of risking your air conditioner further when taken to a repairing shop.

Here a few pointers when you are attempting to air conditioner installation near me fix the air conditioner yourself. Air conditioning repairing services have graciously compiled it for random public who wish to give their inner technician a challenge. Check the circuit fuse and the circuit breaker if the compressor of your air conditioner is not turning on. The fuse might be blown and the circuit breaker might be pulled down. In this case you need to change the fuse and correct the circuit breakers position If your air conditioner turns on but the cooling isn’t that cool then it means your air conditioner needs more refrigerant. Most probably the gas is finished. You cannot refill the refrigerant yourself so it would be wise to call a repairer at your home. Before starting up your air conditioner, it must be dusty due to non use in the whole long winter break.

First of all check to see if the condenser coils on both sides of the air conditioner are dirty so clean it at least twice a season. If, when you stand in front of your air conditioner, you feel that air conditioner is cooling partially then clean out your condenser. It is probably because of the layers of dust clogging your condenser. Also, check your filter and clean it. Condenser coils and filter should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a season. If the water is leaking from the furnace at the back end of your air conditioner, it probably is suffering from a clogged drain pipe from the evaporator coil plan. You must check the pipe and clear it if it is clogged. Using these tips, you can form a one man air conditioning repairing service and fix your air conditioners at home. Sometimes the problems might be a little too technical for you to fix it using these amateurs’ tips so you need to take it to your repair shop.